Which masks are washable?

In the current situation, it is not sure when the coronavirus can stop. If the disposable mask is used all the time, not only the replacement becomes cumbersome, but also the cost is not optimistic. So many people choose washable masks.

So, which masks are washable?

Washable masks are mostly cloth masks, which are usually made of pure cotton, polyester, ice silk, etc.

More use of a mask is the need to filter the breathing valve mask.

The filter chip of PM2.5 needs to be placed in the mask, and the replacement frequency is 3-5 days.

In addition, there is a daily protective mask made of ice silk, which is popular with many people because of its fashionable style.

It has a lot of colors, many different patterns, and the length of the ear hook can also be adjusted.

It is worth noting that, strictly speaking, washable masks can not prevent virus infection, but they can help isolate the transmission of droplets.