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Helping Others

Through This Crisis

In 2020, the sudden outbreak of Wuhan pneumonia from China caught everyone by surprise. In this country, cities are blocked, villages are closed, everyone has to wear masks and stay at home. After the blockade for more than two months, the coronavirus has been relieved in China, but it has spread all over the world. As of today, more than one million people have been diagnosed.

The Covid-19 event made a huge gap in medical supplies, especially in the United States, Italy, Britain, Germany and other places. Some regions have a lot of surplus medical materials, such as China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other less influential regions.


Many people are ill but don't have enough materials to be treated. Many medical supplies can't find customers but can only be piled up in the warehouse.

We want to help others

and let resources flow more reasonably.

We are a non-governmental organization, spontaneously gathered by partners around the world, looking for urgently needed medical supplies in the event of Covid-19, looking for high-quality certified medical supplies manufacturing plants, and sending them to all parts of the world at near cost.



If you have medical supplies

If you know where you need more medical supplies

If you know more ways to help others

Please join us

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